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Southern University


Tips On How To Stay Focused

The 2020 spring semester took a turn no one saw coming due to COVID-19. With a sudden shift from an active campus life to now having class in your home via online learning, students are being stretched in new academic ways, which may invite some adjustment struggles. This is 100% understandable! In the same manner, […]

African American Man Wearing Black Clothes and Hat

The Contributions of SUBR

Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge (SUBR) has contributed a great deal of social change, philanthropy, and notable alumni to the Louisiana community. The university’s endeavors have positively impacted people locally and across the nation, especially African-Americans. The university opened in 1881 in response to demands for a higher education system for blacks. […]

Southern University Marching Band and Dolls

Best Southern University Marching Band Videos and Facts

Southern University Marching Band and The Dancing Dolls, photo by JMRosenfeld via Wiki Media, CC BY 2.0   The Southern University Marching Band, also known as the Human Jukebox, puts on performances unlike that of any other university marching band. In conjunction with the flawlessly executed marching drills and musical performances, the famous Dancing Dolls […]